HeXane / iTV multi-standard interactive authoring and execution tool

HeXane / iTV multi-standard interactive authoring and execution tool

Get the maximum benefit from a full range of digital TV channel diffusion

Digital TV is spreading across Europe. It is already a strong market in the Americas and Asia. For content producers, the challenge will be to get the benefit from assets and deliver them across multiple Digital TV standards with minimum costs.
The Authoring Tool for production and distribution of interactive applications for the television conscript ” EiTv “. (Edition of Interactive applications for the Television) was realized for the production of MHP-DVB applications. The development of this authoring tool was made in a partnership between the company HEXADEV and TDF.

For a large diffusion of future interactive contents (information, games, personalized services, …), an opened and multi-standard technology: hexane is Java/XML authoring and execution solution for digital TV applications. It comes with simple and modular production workflow. hexane doesn’t need high qualified technical staff.

heXane environment

The graphical authoring too: heXane Application Builder, covers multi-terminal application design (DVB-MHP, DVB-HTML, Java, Wap, HTML, …). Diffusion to multiple clients (PDA, cellular phones, iTV set-top boxes) and dynamic adaptation of applications are performed from authoring tool or from a server. Application execution and dynamic control are performed by hexane Runtime, a compact execution engine for global control over applications.

Step 1: New services graphical design

The design module is intuitive and WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). It covers the global project management and a DVB-MHP simulation screen and control.

Step 2: Data integration with UDB module

The UDB technology ( Universal Data Beans ) is an HexaDev development for multiple source data integration: Internet, XML, structured documents, databases, etc.

Data is captured with a simple and user-friendly tool: the UDB browser. Alike an internet browser, one can create bookmarks to data sources for future use in the authoring tool. These bookmarks remain available for next projects

UDB is available connected or not thanks to a cache system. Diffusion of data relies on the XML standard.

Step 3: New services diffusion with the Export Module

This module, packaged or not in the authoring tool, allows hexane application diffusion optimisation. It compiles XML files and distributes resources in ‘ready to distribute’ packages. It allows hexane Runtime to dynamically control the application execution depending on user needs.

The heXane Runtime engine

It allows full control of the applications in the terminal under user control :

  • At application startup, only the front page is loaded.
  • Following the user navigation, the Runtime loads used pages and discards out of reach ones.

This full control of execution gives a virtual space to heXane Runtime. The size of applications is not an issue any more.
Its modular structure allows easy extension depending operators needs.

General specifications

heXane/iTV delivers 3 main services :

  • Content assembling and dynamic programming with the application builder module.
  • A deployment tool with the application builder module.
  • An OS independent run time (RT) module

The application builder provides non-technical staff with facilities to graphically assemble independent application component structured in an object model.

The deployment tool helps non-technical staff to package the application in “ready to deploy” files with bandwidth optimisation.

The run time offers services for execution and management of application components on the deployment target. It behaves like a WEB browser but for hexane components. Up to now, the RT is available on following targets: workstations and WEB servers based on Java 1.3 or 1.4 and TV set-top boxes based on MHP.

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